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I'm Angelina and Welcome to my Website.

A bit about myself and my background. I have been doing readings and spellwork for over 35 years. I have a private practice in Miami, FL with clients that request my services all over the world. I have participated in tea rooms, psychic chat sites and psychic phonelines and do best when working for myself.

In my past, I grew up in a strict Catholic background where having a sixth sense was a gift that I had to surpress. The Church frowned upon my abilities. Regardless, I have always had a strong faith in God.

I do NOT follow the Wiccan or the Stregga path but am a practitioner of Santeria and good old fashioned witchcraft. I discovered Santeria from a new friend right after discovering my half-sister. I fell in love with the Religion and feel that it picks up where the Catholic Church ends.

First and foremost, I give a reading with the Tarot of the Orisha deck in order to see what is going on "behind the scenes". This is a deck designed specifically for the Santeria dieties and feel it is the best deck for me at this time. I am DEVASTATINGLY HONEST with my readings. No false hope or untruths will be given. I am tactful and sensitive, especially when there is bad news, but I do not believe in telling anyone lies just because that is what they want to hear.

If there is a problem, I will tell you. If it can be fixed with some witchcraft or a spell, I will tell you. If it cannot, I will make other suggestions. I will NOT leave anyone hanging, as I take my customers' situations personally and I believe that any situation, no matter how dire, can be helped. This is why I love Santeria so much. It can fix just about anything. For instance, if your reading says you are going to die and it isn't your time to die, we can fix it! All kinds of sicknesses and problems can be fixed. Maybe not overnight but there IS hope.

Other things I can do (separate prices) are:

Spellwork for love (reuniting couples as well as attracting new love), protection, legal matters, etc customized to your specific needs.

Customized baths, spa products, oils, charms, etc for love, money, attraction, opportunity, etc.

Also, house cleansings of dark entities, spiritual combat, bad spirit removal & more.

My basic abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, astrology, pet psychicness and intuition, astrology, spellcasting, witchcraft, feng shui, aromatherapy, herbal magic, Tarot, psychometry, aura readings, just to name a few! I will act as medium to contact those beyond but only under certain circumstances.

Future plans include a free chatroom, additional psychics, witchcraft lessons, etc so please check back often!

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