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Please select the amount of time you need, then click the BUY NOW button. If you would like to check out your options for EMAIL readings, click here to see your choices.

You will be taken to the PAYPAL website to complete the sale. You do not have to have a PAYPAL account to purchase time. Several payment options are available to you including debit and credit cards.

After receipt of payment, A Touch of Class Psychics will email to set up a time and method for your reading.

If you are in the US or Canada, we can phone you unless you prefer your reading by IM. If you are outside of North America, we will conduct your reading by IM unless you prefer to call us.

Please call or email if you need to change or cancel an appointment for a reading. If you do not contact us to change or cancel an appointment, there will be an additional $20 fee to book another appointment in the future. We are not trying to be unkind but another poor soul could have used the time we allotted for the timeframe you could not keep.

Private Reading Time



15  Minutes $20.00
30  Minutes $40.00
45  Minutes $60.00
60  Minutes $80.00
75  Minutes $100.00
90  Minutes $120.00
120  Minutes $160.00
150  Minutes $200.00


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