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  1. WHAT SERVICES DOES "A TOUCH OF CLASS PSYCHICS" OFFER? We offer psychic readings and spiritual services such as spiritual councelling, spellwork, charms, spiritual baths, mojo bags and more. We have plans to offer classes on witchcraft and other things further on down the road.

  2. WHAT KINDS OF SPELLWORK DO YOU DO? Mostly constructive magic such as love work to reunite people, fix love problems in a relationship, money spells, legal spells, spells for success and opportunity, protection, etc. Angelina is currently working on a weight loss spell with no dieting required.

  3. WHAT KINDS OF SPELLWORK DON'T YOU DO? Please don't ask us to hurt your boyfriend because he cheated on you with your best friend. We will turn you down. We WILL, however, offer to do some work with you to help you attract in someone new and wonderful! We prefer to do positive magic, NOT destructive. HOWEVER, an exception to this rule could be when you are under some sort of attack. Then we will see what we can do to protect you and get rid of your attacker.

  4. WHAT KINDS OF READINGS DO YOU OFFER? Our readings are either "timed" (whereas you buy a reading that lasts a certain amount of minutes) or by email (a number of options and prices are available).

  5. HOW DO PRIVATE OR "TIMED" READINGS WORK? Depends on your location. If you are in North America, we can offer you a reading by phone (WE make the call) or by IM or SKYPE. If you are outside North America, you can arrange to call us or you can have your reading by IM. Click here to see your options.

  6. HOW DO EMAIL READINGS WORK? We have several options available, depending on whether you just have one, two or three questions or whether you would like a daily reading on a particular subject. Click here to see your options.

  7. HOW DO I PURCHASE A READING? You'll need to click on the provided link below that says "Buy a Reading" or click here to jump to that page. That is the page for private/timed readings but you will also find a link for email readings or you can click here to jump to the email reading page.

  8. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TELEPHONE READINGS? Yes, once you pay for the length of reading you would like, all you need do is request a phone call. We will ask for your phone number and call you at NO charge to you. If you have "Anonymous Call Rejection" active on your phone, you must disable this first by picking up the phone and pressing *87 or dialing 1187 if your have a rotary phone.

  9. WHAT IF I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS AND MY TIME IS UP?We don't mind going over by a few minutes if you just have one or two more questions but for anything over that, PLEASE BOOK ANOTHER READING or BUY MORE TIME. Please do not try to take advantage of us by keeping us on the phone indefinitely.

  10. IF I DON'T LIKE MY READING CAN I GET A REFUND? Please visit our Terms of Service page for more information.      

  11. IS SPELLWORK GUARANTEED? No. And the reason being, we cannot control YOU, the client, or what you do once the spellwork is done

    For example, we do work for you to bring back your partner and you are told to take it easy and be patient. If you decide to text or phone them 25 times a day and/or follow them around to see what they are doing, that will probably push them further away.

    We cannot stop you from doing what YOU want to do when YOU want to do it so therefore, there are no guarantees.

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